3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Periscope

By Chelsea Lewis founder of Empowered Solutions

Imagine taking a peek into someone else’s life through a live photorealistic_logobroadcast across the world from you in real time. The ability to interact with them seamlessly, ask and answer questions, while they sit on a train, in a bus, walk through a park or lounge in their bedroom.

Connect with your favourite celeb, or heavy hitter business idol, in real time and have the ability to interact.

Periscope was created based on this dream.

A video broadcasting app that streams live video feed and allows the audience to interact with their viewers. Amazing.

Periscope Basics

Sign in with your Twitter account, and with an incredibly easy user-interface, you’re broadcasting away with a few swift clicks. Sleek design. With an interactive chat for your audience it’s the next level in our reality TV, over-share generation.

It has multiple levels of use and purpose. Of course, it can be used recreationally to shout your message out to the world (or at least whoever stumbles across you), it can be used as a remote tour guide (zoo tours seem especially popular), and of course for business. From a marketing stand point Periscope is a dream tool. Reach an unlimited number of people, engage with them interactively, build rapport and trust, and all from the comfort of your home office. For FREE.

I love free.

So I know what you’re thinking. But Chelsea, I already tweet, and post to Facebook, and snapchat and blog and and and… Why should I care about this? What good is it to me? Well, I’m glad you asked.

I was there pretty early on for it with Facebook. I had a conversation with someone on a trip to Cuba in the early 2000’s that went a little like this; “we’ll share these with you on Facebook.” “On what?” yes kids, there was a time Facebook didn’t occupy every waking moment of your day. That was when it was only open to university students before it became such a “sell out” that we all boycotted it for about 12hours until our corn started to die in FarmVille… but I digress.

Right now, this is ground zero on a platform where you have the potential to be whoever you want to be. There are literally NO BODY’S who have proclaimed themselves an expert at whatever and have built a huge following and FAST.

Now these imposters won’t last. Their sparkle will fade and their followers will grow weary of their half-assed advice and tips and they will be lost in the shuffle. But the point is, if you’re not an imposter – this is the time.

If you get in right now and build a legit following at whatever it is you’re great at – the possibilities are endless. As Derek Halpern preaches; you first need an audience, then you can sell to them. In one week of being one periscope I have tripled my Twitter following. (And for someone who just became active on Twitter a month ago going from 50 friends and family to close to 200 primarily business contacts and potential clients – that’s huge).

Get in now.

It’s painless. You find ppl you like to watch and follow them. Interact in their broadcasts and build a rapport. Find your favourite celebs or business heroes. I’ve connected with a few inspirational people through Periscope. People who under any other circumstances my voice would be more likely to get lost in the crowd are answering my questions and speaking directly to me. It’s amazing. The likes of Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker, and Kimra Luna are giving away priceless content and showing up faithfully.

For the sake of reference, as of last week the count was 8.5million Periscopers. That seems like a good chunk of ppl. Until I tell you that it represents 2.5% of Twitter users, less than 1% of users on Facebook.

Okay so I’ll be heard – that’s not good enough for me. How can I make money with this thing?

I am so glad you asked.
Check out Zach Spuckler who made over $10G in 30 days through Periscope, without starting with a large (or even existing) following. And he’s not an anomoly, or even the biggest success story. I just happen to like his scopes.prebroadcast
  • Marketing is all about your client, your audience. What do they need? How can you or your product fill that need? When you launch a product people often advise a soft launch to test the market need. What if you could reach a test group instantly? What if in real time you could have a 15 minute conversation with a population sample and receive real feedback on your design, your program, your idea? Welcome to live and responsive broadcasting.
  • Video is currently huge for conversions. You don’t want to fuss over a YouTube channel or you feel uncomfortable and stiff when you record yourself? Periscope. The interactive broadcast is bound to loosen you up sooner or later. You can even recruit support beforehand to help your scope go more smoothly. Use it informally to give your followers a chance behind the scenes with you.
  • Most importantly, it gives you a platform to connect with your followers. To build trust and a real relationship. A la Gary Vee style “don’t take the social out of social media.” You should see this as a fantastic opportunity to foster relationships. Will you make money from that? YES. But only if you are genuine in your interactions. Make people care about you by caring about them. Marketing 101.

The possibilities are endless, all we are waiting on is for you to join.

So download the app on your SmartPhone and get scoping.

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