7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

blog, blogging, blog content, blog management, Empowered Solutions, Canadian VA, canadian virtual assistant, virtual assistantA blog isn’t just for tweens in the dark with their laptop.

From Carrie Bradshaw (c’mon, we all know she WOULD have been a blogger) to Barney Stintson, your favourite characters have been bringing blogging to you for years. Off-screen blogging has also been foraging it’s way mainstream for quite some time with some great bloggers like

Most of my clients feel like blogging “isn’t for them” or might think it’s fun but isn’t going to make them any money so why bother?

I’m here to tell you exactly why your business needs to have a blog.

1. A Blog Fosters the Know, Like, and Trust Factor

When you started this journey of running your own business you had to figure out how to acquire clients. You probably got some recommendations from friends and family, maybe made some cold calls and closed your first client. Do you know WHY you closed them? Because they knew, liked, and trusted you. Probably mostly because they either knew you personally or a mutual acquaintance that held the KLT factor recommended you.

Having a blog is like having a peek behind closed doors into the life of the person you are buying from. It fosters that KLT factor for you. It allows you to connect with your audience while providing them with valuable information.

2. A Blog Provides Proof of your Expertise 7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog, Empowered Solutions, Chelsea Lewis

When you have an active blog, that is relevant for your audience it re-affirms that you know what you’re talking about. Your audience can decide if they agree or disagree with you, and whether they think you’d be a good fit to work together. You can prove to your audience that you are the expert you claim to be by providing relevant insights to your niche.

3. Blog = Content and Google LOVES Content

Ever struggle with SEO? Have you gotten frustrated with trying to get your site to the first page of Google? These struggles can be a thing of the past with an active blog.

Not only do blog posts create relevant content for your niche, but they provide endless opportunities for links within and outside your site. Google search LOVES this stuff. It may be the easiest SEO hack that most business owners can master themselves.

Don’t believe it’s that simple? Read more about here or here.

Creating value rich content helps your audience through consuming the blog and helps your business by paying back in dividends with SEO power. It’s one of those win-win situations.

4. A Blog Gives YOU a Voice

If you’re tired of hearing what every so-called expert has to say and you know the better way.

Speak up! Tell your people!

No one wants to be taking 100 complicated steps to wellness, or greatness, or wealth if we can do it just as effectively in the 10 you know. Teach us. If we’re here it’s because we want to hear what you have to say. It’s time to have your say and get your voice out there.

5. Writing a Blog Keeps You Fresh

There’s no getting old and stale when you have a blog to nurture. It forces you to be aware of the changes and developments in your niche and to be analytical of what’s going on. Missed a big development? Someone is bound to let you know and ask for your opinion if they are used to hearing it.

Being on top of your game for your blog means you’re also on top of your game for your clients. You’ll be able to provide them with service that is up to industry standards and oftentimes ahead of your competitors who might be just doing what they always do, unaware of the awesome developments.

There’s little I enjoy more than when I’m listening to an expert and they can tell me about a new development in their niche and how their business has reacted to it. It give me a good idea about the individual and what kind of company they run.

6. A Blog Nurtures Your Network

If you’ve ever struggled to stay on top of your social media or marketing strategy this is the secret: it all starts with your blog.

If you get a solid content strategy in order for your blog, the rest just naturally follows suit. Without the blog and strategy in place, you are scrambling for your messages and end up mostly just filling a void with words that aren’t serving you.

Stop wasting time with activities that aren’t serving you.

By writing a compelling blog it helps nurture your network by providing your audience with valuable content. When you start with a blog post you can share it an a variety of ways to make it work for you. Your content is a strategy. If you aren’t sure what your content strategy is please book a consult with me and we will go over your goals and make sure your content is aligning with and supporting you to reach those goals.

7. Blogging is a Challenge

Blogging can challenge you to grow. Whether it’s mentally by learning a new technique or ability, or emotionally by sharing behind the scenes with you, or even physically by demanding you to be present and aware. Growth is good. It might be scary and uncomfortable but it’s good.

I’ll be the first to admit that blogging can be a little unnerving at times. I especially feel uncomfortable when I share personal details here or on my social media. I was raised with a strong belief that there is a separation between business and personal, and that when you come to work you leave your personal at the door. The more I foray into this wonderful entrepreneurial world the more I realize that notion is kinda crap.

People want to get to know you and want to know how things are affecting you at a personal level. Some of my most well received posts are what I would traditionally consider “overshares” (if you’re interested you can find them here.) I am still learning to balance the professional vs personal but I feel like I’m getting there.  My word for the year is BALANCE, so I’m striving to achieve that.

Blogging does take time, effort, and focus. Things that we tend to be short on these days. However, I really think that it’s time to assess your priorities and put your blog up near the top of the list.

Give people the option to get to know you. Give yourself the opportunity to shine as an expert. Challenge yourself to grow and become better at what you’re already great at. I dare you.

If you can see the value of a blog but just can’t imagine scraping away the time needed to cultivate it there are always options like blog management, or ghost blogging. Where your business can reap the rewards of a blog without you expending more time or effort into it. Content really is priceless and one way or another you need to be putting content out there in order to see your business grow.