July 23, 2015

Spend Your Time Doing What You Love, in Business and in Life

You have launched a profitable business.

You’re an intelligent overachiever and are capable of doing a little bit of everything. And that’s great. But is that the best way to spend your time?

What would your life look like if you could focus your energy on the parts of your business that you enjoy and that serve you?

Don’t know where to start with delegating? We can help with that too.

We will go through a free consult with you to discuss your needs and highlight the ways that a Virtual Assistant (VA) will make you more productive and your business more profitable.

This site provides a snapshot of the services we provide and after your consult we will design packaged options tailored to meet your specific needs.

 I consider Chelsea my go-to gal for just about everything. She’s like Google but better! Tech, grammar, social media questions, if she doesn’t know it – she knows who does. – Carrie, friend and web building client

My Story

I graduated in 2007 from the University of Ottawa, with an honours degree in Psychology. I worked hard throughout school, working fulltime to pay myEmpowered Solutions Virtual Assistant way through. Learning the back office politics and procedures of a million dollar revenue sports complex. Often missing lectures to pick up an extra shift, to complete payroll, or to put out a fire (once a literal fire!).

With my shiny degree in hand, I faced the new beautiful world waiting for the doors to open. And I waited. I waited for replies to multiple job applications. I waited tables in a local sports bar. I waited for call backs for interviews where I was told I was “too young,” “too educated,” I had “not enough experience,” or “too much motivation” (who knew these traits were bad things).

Turns out I enjoyed waiting on people – serving. More than I liked waiting on people to decide I was worth hiring to work a job where I’d make less than I did in a busy breakfast shift. I became skilled at the subtle dinner upsell, and learned the value of a happy customer (hello – 100% tip thank you).

I made extra income at a temp agency where I would fill in at a business for a short period of time in an administrative role. I learned quickly that I had a gift for immersing myself in a business and quickly learning what makes it tick.

Promising opportunities in Western Canada began to look appealing. I applied to a fantastic job, and BAM! I had a phone interview and was offered a position at a non-profit. In 2010, I packed my Honda Fit and was off to the promised land with visions of Little House on the Prairie in my mind. (I wasn’t totally wrong on that vision but add more snow. A lot more snow).

I started my career at the non-profit, within a year I had moved from a Empowered Solutions Virtual Assistantfrontline staff to Assistant Executive Director. I managed the staff, instated policies and learned to run a non-profit. I wrote the lacking policies and procedures and implemented a lot of change. I loved the people and the work that I did.

After the birth of my first child everything changed. She was a beautiful baby with a spunky personality. And we quickly decided that returning to a 9-5 (with frequent overtime) was not going to work for our family. It wasn’t practical for me to work outside of the home, especially when shortly after we added another member to our family.

Over the course of the next year I took inventory of my skills, my desires, and my goals. I researched the heck out of any online opportunity I could think of, or could find. I’m kind of a research geek and can end up down a Lexington03copyrabbit hole of information when I get on a roll. It became apparent that my love to serve people and my innate ability at administrative work would be a perfect fit to opening a virtual assistant firm.

I now seek to serve heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to level-up in their business. They are done DIYing and trying to do it all. They are maxed out in their business and know it’s time to get serious. I help build and implement the systems they need to support their growth, create and manage their engaging social media presence, and build beautiful online homes (aka websites).

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